Integrating Technology With Your Business

Technology, when properly implemented, is barely discernable from magic

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Implementing innovative methods that properly integrate technology for your business for your business runs like magic.

ENI is a world-class development company, with clients from every point throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Our team brings real-world global technology experience into the planning, design, construction and operation of your Information Technology Solutions.

Our development environment includes the latest in technologies and design methodologies. Utilizing tools and languages including C#/VB, Java, MS-SQL Database, ASP.Net Framework, HTML5/CSS3.0, Ajax/JQuery, JavaScript and other programming languages, and Microsoft systems including Server and SharePoint platforms

Our team provides Technology Consulting services to insure seamless integration of your website and desktop applications with your current technology infrastructure.

See for yourself the work we have done for our clients, and what we can do for you.

Internet Solution Development

Complete Design, Development, Hosting and Maintenance of your online web presence enables you to conduct your business on the Internet. Buying an do-it-yourself website or e-commerce system is like shopping at a discount retailer - you get something for a low-cost but then everyone is wearing the same style clothing - you are don't stand out. Your business is unique, and as such should stand out from the crowd. With ENI, we design custom websites with functionality you want and need for your customers to be able to do business with you. Your website will perform the tasks you need to ensure your business runs smoothly. It becomes an asset of your business. You own the final results.

Custom Programming

Integrating Technology With Your Business" - Most businesses today use a myriad of computer-based services, such as online banking, credit card transaction processing, shipping, accounting, email opt-in programs, customer relationship management and more. Integrating these technologies into your website, or on to your desktop computer can make your work much more efficient. Custom software solutions that don't exist off-the-shelf. ENI develops programs specific to your business needs. The software becomes your asset, adding value to your business.

IT Services

There are many, many options on the market. Before you make a decision to buy into a particular solution, get advice from an IT Company an has experience. ENI can help advise you if the solution you want is going to be a good fit for your business.
IT CONSULTING - Having problems with you computers, network, or employees downloading stuff they shouldn't be doing? Through the many years of experience working with information technology, there is very little our staff has not seen before. We can advise your on infrastructure planning and architecture - insuring that you get the right technology for the job. We are technology magicians, with the know-how, know-what, and experience and insight to do it right the first time. WEB HOSTING - Getting your website on to the Internet is a very detailed-oriented process. If done right everything goes like magic. If done wrong, it creates an adminstrative nightmare.