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Godaddy SSL

We've recently had to renew an SSL Certificate for a client.  Godaddy, like other SSL Certificate issuers, must verify the ownership of the domain first.  This is usually done by sending an email to and webmaster/owner of the website.  In some cases, our clients change employees and when they do, important email addresses like domain name ownership don't get changed to the company.  

So, when you need to make changes or fix an issue, that person is not available and probably didn't leave their password book behind.

After much effort, E-Novtive was able to authenticate ownership of the website to the client by performing some html tricks.  Rekeying the certificate, then reinstalling the updated issue all is good!

If you need an assessment of your website/domain name registration and DNS records to be validated, E-Novative can help by doing an assessment and then documenting the details so you have it for future reference. 

Contact Avram Grossman @ E-Novative for a Registration Assessment.  949-660-00450 x110

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