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MCS Telecom SIM CARD Offer

E-Novative just completed programming for an exciting new mobile telephone SIM Card company - MCS Telecom.

A comprehensive e-commerce shopping cart system with a back-end administrative for managing SIM Cards, affiliates and more, this is the first of a series of design enhancements E-Novative will be working on.

To Learn More About This Deal:

They are offering a SIM card, you can keep your current mobile phone number too, at an unbelievale price of $300.00 for 10 years.

That comes out to $2.50 per month. 

  * Unlimited calling to 64 countries. 
  * Unlimited text. 
  * Unlimited data.

To see more about this offer, to to get your new SIM Card, please visit

And for more information on how E-Novative can design, develop and host your online business, contact Avram Grossman.




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